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     Texan Southerner Kimberly Durrett has landed roles in multiple films, four of which have won international film festival awards, with one taking home eight awards, including Best Picture, and another winning Best Comedy. Some of her credits include General Hospital; commercials for Hewlett Packard, Capital Grille Restaurant, and Mystic Lake Casino; and Life, Love, and Other Four Letter Words with Glenn Morshower (24 and West Wing). Kimberly is capable of gritty, multi-layered drama, like the prostitute role she shot in the film One Night Stand, but can also play the girl-next-door, like she did in the film, Life, Love and Other Four Letter Words, and the hilarious socially-awkward-girl, like she did in the film Skip Listening.

     Along with multiple red-carpet events, hosting opportunities, and voice-over work, Kimberly also puppeteers for multiple characters in family-friendly stage productions. Her most notable character, Kiki, a pink monster, has entertained audiences as large as 2,000, along with making a debut for the producers of America's Got Talent. Her other character is the sassy and hilarious Love Bug, also pink, which has delighted many large audiences of families and children as well. Kimberly co-hosted the 2009 Method Festival with LA's well-known Fritz Coleman (of KNBC-TV), and again in 2010 where she had the privilege of presenting an award with actor Bill Paxton (Titanic, Apollo 13, Big Love) to the legendary actor Bruce Dern (Gunsmoke, The Great Gatsby, All the Pretty Horses, Monster).

     Her improv training is with David Magidoff; commercial training with renowned LA commercial acting coach Carolyne Barry; scene study training includes Jim Caviezel's coach, John Kirby; on-camera technique training with Christinna Chauncey, Wendy Davis (Lifetime's Army Wives) at The LA Actors Center, Clay Banks, and Mark Atteberry.

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